If you don’t know the name Charles Chon… let’s try this: Heard of CONDIA? The guy with the Lamborghini and a Ferrari? The guy with the washboard abs? One of the winningest players in fantasy history? CONDIA is the first and only fantasy sports legend. He’s Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan all rolled into one, with a whole bunch of mystery sprinkled on top. It’s only right that he’ll be competing in the biggest fantasy sports contest of all time: the DraftKings Fantasy Football World Championship.

Charles Chon has been a competitor all his life. His close friend Nick Dunham will tell you that Charles is “obsessed with mastery”. While the two were still in school they got into the popular computer game, CounterStrike. For Dunham, it was a fun way to pass the time, but for Chon it became an obsession and he soon became ranked globally. The two continued to bond through math classes they shared, but before long Charles tested out of any math class their high school could offer. During their sophomore year in high school, Chon and Dunham had both made the varsity golf team. If you listen to Dunham describe it, Chon didn’t just play on the team, he practiced for 12 hours a day and literally wore his irons down to the point of needing to constantly replace his clubs.

DK username: CONDIA
Hometown: Denver, CO
Favorite NFL Team: Broncos
Most memorable DFS moment: Qualifying for the DK world championship

For Chon, the pursuit of golf didn’t end in high school, but ground out through a few years battling in the amateur ranks. Sitting down with him after all these years it’s clear that the failure still stings – “Golf is the only thing that’s beat me.” The bitter acceptance that he just wasn’t good enough to make a career out of golf plummeted Chon into a dark and confusing time. It was a true crossroads, but the competitive spirit had not been extinguished. Chon’s fall in golf happened to coincide with the explosive rise of daily fantasy. It was in daily fantasy that Chon spotted what he calls an “economic opportunity.”

Combining the name of his two favorite bands, Conditions and Lydia, CONDIA was born. CONDIA became the vehicle through which the reserved, and in his own words “shy,” Chon could become the mysterious villain that took the fantasy world by storm. Chon dove into daily fantasy games the same way he tackled golf or math class. Every day was completely occupied by honing his approach to drafting fantasy rosters for NFL and NBA. This singular focus immediately began to pay big dividends through huge winning seasons quickly pushing CONDIA to the pinnacle of the fantasy world.

Not only was CONDIA constantly tweaking his approach to drafting, he brought an element of psychological warfare to the game. He endeavored to play in every contest across sites, such as DraftKings, in order to strike fear into the heart of his opponents. His “mission was to beat everyone” and Chon knew he’d be able to do that easily the more he maintained his mystery. He didn’t want to become ingrained in the industry, because it would be harder for him to take such an aggressive approach with those he liked or had met. That wasn’t to say he ignored the explosive coverage of CONDIA in internet forums and news articles, in fact he found it flattering.

"People don't realize the work I've put in"

Like any great empire, it wasn’t long before he faced a serious challenge to the throne. Full disclosure, daily fantasy has been good to Charles Chon. He drives a ridiculous Lamborghini, has a great circle of friends, and has succeeded beyond most people’s wildest dreams. However, he was dealt a big blow to his ego by up and comer “Maxdalury.” In the last year or so, DraftKings player “Maxdalury” challenged CONDIA head-on for top dog supremacy. The battle waged for a few weeks concluding with a decisive victory going to the new guy. It was hard hitting enough that CONDIA took most of last NBA season off to spend time with his girlfriend, enjoy his car and mentally reset.

The time off did him wonders. His girlfriend describes a calmer “fun, goofy guy” who is “one of the best people” she knows. Chon was refreshed and mentally prepared for the 2015 NFL season. When DraftKings announced the Fantasy Football World Championships, the biggest fantasy contest of all time, Chon knew he “had to be a part of it.” Unsurprisingly, Chon qualified for the tournament, but Charles says “people don’t realize the work he’s put in.” Similar to Jordan and Kobe, no one sees the lonely hours of work, the singular focus, the moments of self-doubt and the refuse to lose mentality. Chon wants to win the FFWC, but it won’t be easy – the field is stacked with the top players in the world. Maxdalury will be there, along with countless others CONDIA has battled through the years. This time, they will all meet face-to-face and CONDIA is on one mission – dominate the competition.

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